API Enablement Engineer

  • Richmond, VA
  • Full Time

Send your resume and a cover letter to: apply@apivista.com

Job Description

APIvista helps organizations everywhere enable new and innovative collaborations through their APIs. We are looking for adaptable devops engineers to help execute our customers API strategies. As an API Enablement Engineer you’ll be part of a team executing implementation, documentation, integration, and support operations of a variety of API projects. You will utilize current best of breed technologies and have the support of an experienced team with a strong desire to drive growth of APIs. We put a real emphasis on professional growth for our people, which will mean you will have the opportunity to hone the technical and professional skills you will need to continue advancing your career.

More about you

You can be successful as an API Enablement Engineer if you have a background in any of:

  • Development – Our services are geared towards developers, so it is always great when you have similar technical mindset
  • Quality Assurance – Providing automated testing as part of a CI/CD is a big part of what we do
  • Operations – We bring know how for making API operations scalable and automated

Some of the skills our engineers need include:

  • Experience consuming and integrating SaaS or developing REST APIs
  • Development experience using languages like Java, Python, Javascript, or C#
  • Ability to write effective technical documentation, such as tutorials and API call specs
  • Ability to communicate with customer’s technical staff
  • Experience in CI/CD automation using jenkins
  • Experience modern operations technologies (docker, chef, kubernetes) and network troubleshooting

More about APIvista

APIvista is an API-focused development and managed services company built to enable the success of our clients in leveraging API integrations to deliver new business value. Organizations use APIvista to ensure that their critical API’s and important data integrations are always secure and always available to their customers and employees.

APIvista is headquartered in Richmond, VA, but serves customers nationwide.

Send your resume and a cover letter to: apply@apivista.com