full-logoDevOps Engineer

  • Richmond, VA – APIvista offices at 6423 Rigsby Rd, Richmond VA 23226
  • Full-time

Send your resume and a cover letter to: apply@apivista.com

Job Description

APIvista helps organizations everywhere enable new and innovative collaborations through their APIs. We are looking for adaptable DevOps engineers to help execute our customers’ API strategies. As a DevOps Engineer you’ll be responsible for executing implementation, documentation, integration, and support operations of a variety of projects with guidance from experienced professionals. You will explore new technologies and operate as a trusted advisor to clients about their product architecture. You will perform interesting and fulfilling work, as well as having opportunities to advance your professional and technical skills.

More about you

A successful as a DevOps Engineer will need to combine expertise in:

  • Operations – We bring know how for making API operations scalable and automated
  • Development – Our DevOps services are geared towards helping developers recognize operational requirements during product development, so it is critical that you can understand a developer’s needs and provide solutions that will resonate with them
  • Quality Assurance – Utilizing QA best practices for automated CI/CD systems is critically important to ensuring service quality for API consumers
  • Technical Writing – Having quality documentation is a critical component to operational performance, both for crisis prevention and response

Some of the skills our engineers need include:

  • Ability to communicate with technical and management staff
  • Exposure to modern operations technologies (docker, chef, kubernetes), including network and cloud infrastructure
  • Understanding of IaaS and PaaS products
  • An understanding of REST API fundamentals
  • Past experience with programming languages, such as Java, Python, or Javascript
  • Ability to write and review effective technical documentation
  • Exposure to CI/CD and QA concepts

More about APIvista

APIvista is an API-focused consulting, professional and managed services company built to enable the success of our clients in leveraging API integrations to deliver new business value. Organizations use APIvista to ensure that their critical APIs and important data integrations are always secure and always available to their customers and employees.

APIvista is headquartered in Richmond, VA, but serves customers nationwide.

Send your resume and a cover letter to: apply@apivista.com