Leverage emerging API platforms and tech to drive efficiency and growth

We live in a software-defined world

It has never been easier or more critical to achieving great business outcomes with integration and automation technologies. The developer community has embraced REST API best practices as a simple and effective way to open both data sharing and to manipulate system outcomes. One cannot truly be “cloud-ready” without leveraging APIs.

APIvista believes that by combining great developers, platforms, and processes we can achieve successful outcomes that were previously out of reach for most enterprises.



It’s all about integration and automation

The top quadrant of companies are heavily investing in the key areas of integration and automation. The efficiencies and scalability of API-driven systems provides the competitive advantage for enterprises looking to move the needle.

API success comes in many forms – whether it is orchestrating systems to talk to each other and act as one, or opening up key existing systems so that they can be leveraged across the enterprise, or spinning up and down cloud resources with a few resource calls.



Why we’re based in Richmond

With a growing, thriving startup scene that’s home to seven Fortune 500 companies and has attracted a number of startup accelerators, Richmond is rapidly ascending the ranks as one of the best places to live and work in America.

A mid-sized city with a small-town feel, Richmond has been internationally recognized for its food scene, its craft beer community, and its budding arts and entertainment.

One of the few cities with class five rapids running through its core, the James River also provides recreational opportunities along with the Virginia Capital Trail, a 50-mile bike path running between Richmond and Williamsburg.



Mark Wensell


Connecting people, via the systems they depend on, to drive business results has been the focus of Mark’s career.

At APIvista, he leads the vision of the company and works to find the new clients and markets that are seeking a transformational change by opening their business processes to the world.

An IT entrepreneur, business and sales leader in the hosting, colocation and cloud industry since 1997, he is an advocate of building service-driven technology business models.

Chris Busse


With a passion for the ways in which technologists build solutions for people, Chris helps APIvista’s clients find strategic success with their digital initiatives.

Having worked in the IT industry for 20+ years, he recently helped launch the first public API platform for a North American bank and previously built a digital agency that provided API integration & data services for its Fortune 500 clients.

Todd Nemanich


Always energized by innovative programs, Todd brings a focus on delivery to APIvista’s clients
as they take their API initiatives from concept to realization.

Since leading his first publicly exposed API project in 2005, Todd has architected IoT and big data systems leveraging cloud infrastructure and real-time analytics.

George Boatright


A proven technology and financial executive, George leverages both disciplines in his role as Chief Financial Officer for APIvista.

Throughout his career, George has combined his professional experience and practical knowledge to excel in diverse business environments.

George has in-depth knowledge of a diverse array of core technology, financial and managerial functions, developed over a 30+ year career, with experience in the Publishing, Broadcast TV, Financial Services and Pharmaceutical industry verticals.